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230V Far Infrared Diesel Heater with Flue Kit, 40,000 BTU/11.6kW

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This indirect far infrared diesel heater with flue kit features a remote control and digital thermostat for easy heat control. It is economical, low noise, almost completely odourless and highly cost efficient to run. This heater consumes only 40W of electricity to keep the burner operating and it consumes as little as 0.9 litres of diesel fuel per hour. Unlike traditional fan heaters, infrared heat spreads evenly in all directions. Designed for heating spaces of approximately 66m2. Can be used in well-ventilated areas such as garages, barns, workshops, warehouses and marquees. The flue kit supplied allows for a more permanent installation and must be used for enclosed indoor areas (not well-ventilated). The LED control panel features a 24-hour timer and full thermostatic control, all conveniently operated by the remote control. It is fitted with wheels for manoeuvrability.


1 x 230V Far Infrared Diesel Heater with Flue Kit, 40,000 BTU/11.6kW
1 x Flue Kit


Voltage: 230V
Rated input: 40W
Heat output: 40,000 BTU/11.6kW
Fuel consumption: 0.9L/hr
Tank capacity: 25L
Fuel: Diesel/Kerosene
Dimensions: 710 x 320 x 1110mm
Weight (net): 40kg


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